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Fairing stuffing question

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    Originally posted by Dwight View Post
    "producing audible noise" Is it vibrating the fairing or parts of it? wiring rattling, fasteners? What type of noise?
    It's vibrating the fairing when the bass and kick drum hit hard. I have no damping in it, and with a 400 watt amp, I can get a good amount of output. All of the hardware is rock solid and quiet. It's definitely a box damping issue, and I've fixed it on another fairing in the past with stick on damping material, I am just curious to try different methods. Apparantly, I like to rock!🤘🔊🤘Glenn.


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      I lined it with adhesive backed 1/8" foam insulation, and then stuffed it with 12 ounces of fluffed up poly fill. That did everything that I had hoped for. No more rattle schmattle kaboom of doom! Much cleaner, and better punch. Thanks everyone for the ideas, and 6thplanet, thanks again for the offer.🤘 Glenn.