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Speaker stands used as box volume?

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  • Speaker stands used as box volume?

    Looking for random thoughts, advice and downfalls on using the speaker stand as part of the box volume. My thinking behind this is I'd like to reduce the bulk/boxy look of the speaker enclosure. A 6 inch diameter pipe 2 foot long yields an additional .4 cf of volume. Using a couple of 3 inch pipes nets around .2 cf

    I'm assuming I'd need to put something like a piece of owens corning 703 in the closed end of the base to reduce standing waves of the pipe.

    Any input would be appreciated, if someone's been there, done that I'd like to know the outcome.

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    There was a commercial design that used one of the legs of the stand as the port. I think what you are doing might take some experimenting but should work.

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      Standing wave/ cabinet resonance may only color the port response slightly depending on the location of the port. I've found it more effective to place the stuffing in the middle of the line. You can model this similar to a MLTL. The program Horn Response can calculate the box resonance.
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        Thanks guys. Found a stick of 4" PVC in the garage. Looks like it's sim time and then a quick prototype