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    Asking for advice about building a simple / small box speaker for my fishing boat.
    Right now I have a pair of Cheap Boss 3" two way like these

    I am powering them from a car audio head unit with no other amp
    I was thinking I could built a small box speaker that would be better than these.

    They are tucked under the front and rear deck, but not covered up so the front of the speaker is pointing toward the listener
    so they will be protected from above moisture. And chances are they wont get any front as far as being water proof, I don't think
    that would be a huge concern.

    I thought about building a pair of heliums. I don't know how they would do with the head unit only.
    Any other ideas on a full range small enclosure speaker I could build ?

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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    Maybe the Dayton 4


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      These have more sensetivity than the Helium's and can be built larger to get a lower f3 if needed. They sound good too.


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        Thanks for the suggestions
        I happen to have a pair of RS 100 in stock.


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          What about some exciters mounted inside a panel away from the elements? They take up no room, could be mounted inside a storage box or just about any place you could get one to stick and the sound is fairly diffuse so they may not need to be aimed right at the listener. Not much bass though so if that is a concern ...