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Looking for suggestions for a dash mounted sound bar build

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  • Looking for suggestions for a dash mounted sound bar build

    I’ve been a car audio install for 15 years. Like to do something a little different and something I haven’t done before . I own a 72 Chevy C 10 and I’m interested in not cutting up the dash, doors ot kicks to install a stereo.looking mostly stock but building a sound bar style with nd65 in or nd90 full range drivers on the dashboard with maybe some passives.will be using a TPS3116D2 2.1 Bluetooth amp 2x50 and 1x 100 with a 12Dc to 24dc converter. And adding a 5 to 10 in sub under the seat .

    i haven’t really ever worked with speakers this small. Any advise or suggestions are welcome

    thank you

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    a pair of Heliums or Pico Neos or other small speakers hung under the dash. I wouldn't put anything on top of the dash.
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      I don’t wanna spend $170-$300 on a retro shaft radio. When all I use Is Bluetooth.


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        Originally posted by djg View Post
        a pair of Heliums or Pico Neos or other small speakers hung under the dash. I wouldn't put anything on top of the dash.


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          This is the smallest speaker I'm aware of. I'm sure I'll be corrected if mistaken. Metal case, noted designer. Wolf might have something smaller I have forgotten.

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            I can't imagine anywhere to mount discrete speakers here except underneath, if you can clear the parking brake pedal. Or hang them off the pillars.


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              Or uptop. This position, discrete units.


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                Or, something like this, slung under the middle.

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                  I did thinks about running it at the bottom of the dash


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                    found I have 6 of these left from a a home theater system.
                    I think I’m gonna try and do 4 across the bottom of the dash either ported or with 8 3.5 inch radiators


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                      Two of these use your Tectonics. Two gives you stereo. You don't need passive radiators if you're using a subwoofer. Just my humble opinion.

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                        Originally posted by djg View Post
                        Or uptop. This position, discrete units.
                        +1. That's probably your best option.

                        On another note, my neighbor restored a 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan and the AM tube radio doesn't cut. So he just tosses a UE BT speaker on the seat to play tunes from his phone.

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                          do a rear gas tank conversion , take the stinking liquid time bomb from behind your seat , build a box , put real speakers in it and call it done .


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                            I built a soundbar first using some cheapo 2' and once I thought it had possibility I upgraded to 2" tymphany drivers. It rested on my dash sandwiched between the dash and the windshield, I had a defroster to contend with plus airbags. It was attached to the A-pillars. Probably not the safest contraption, I later went to something simpler (BMS coaxials in the center map pocket of the Mazda 6).

                            1) Due to the dash and windshield it had a sort of horn effect which helped boost the low end a bit.
                            2) It minimized side reflections, but it gave it sort of a mono effect.
                            3) I was running it through an ambiophonics (crosstalk cancelation) processor to widen the stage, but the right side was troublesome still (horizontal arrays have comb filtering issues which are clearly audible).
                            4) Changed the wiring to a bessel array and that helped quite a bit. Two ideas from Don Keele (Crosstalk cancellation + Bessel array). Not for everyone but it was definitely fun to listen to.
                            5) It was mated to 10" midbasses in sealed enclosures in the doors, it was more of a hybrid "Optimal Source Distribution" configuration that way, but 2" mated to 10's was an interesting combination.
                            6) I decided later it still needed tweeters to bring in the top end, but others might be perfectly content with the Bose twiddler method.
                            7) Not saying my way was great, but the base was 3/4", baffle 1/4" and I cut recesses in the base for the drivers and wrapped the whole thing and fiberglassed it essentially. If I had to do it again I would probably sculpt using hard foam.

                            The whole idea for me stemmed from wanting to experiment with alternative playback methods other than stereo in a car. OSD shows promise if you get lucky with the right dash configuration. It's still sitting in my basement because it was a piece of my car audio/carpc build days from 10+ years ago.