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Any reason for low F3 on speaker crossed to a sub

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  • Any reason for low F3 on speaker crossed to a sub

    Consider a pair of small surround speakers that will only do surround duty and will always be crossed to a subwoofer at 100Hz...
    1. If I could build a vented speaker with an F3 of 50Hz or a smaller sealed speaker with F3 of 80Hz is there any reason to go vented?
    2. Slightly different example...same vented speaker or sealed speaker with F3 of 100Hz. In this example, is the active crossover at 100Hz going to bring down the effective F3 of the speaker so that there is a drop around 100Hz? (i.e., the surround speaker will end up rolling off above 100Hz and the subwoofer won't pick it up until below 100Hz.)

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    If you don't need to go low don't, you just end up with a speaker that's larger than you need for no good reason. To be sure that you don't have a crossover region dip make the F3 10Hz or so lower than the crossover frequency.


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      The vented speakers response may have a steeper phase angle near the crossover point to the subwoofer. I think this could possibly make integration to the sub more difficult.