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amplification = to tube or not to tube ,that is the question

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    Originally posted by JoeCaWWW View Post

    I agree, there should be some differece, but it maybe not so obvious. However, I googled and many articles suggest: "A key difference is that a tube product will require a small amount of upkeep and maintenance. For most who desire the benefit of tubes, it’s a small price to pay." - this is a quote frome one article, but I found the same opinion in several other sources. I also found some reviews and comparisons of guitar amplifiers tube and SS and there seemed to be more sensible difference even among the cheap amps google suggersts as an answer to my request
    I wonder, can anyone find some graphs or tech tests result? I didn't manage to find
    I started the thread on this topic in guitar players forum, I'll quote you if there will be some useful info
    You do realize that guitar amps are a whole different discussion? The distortion from the tubes being overdriven is exactly what you want. No connection to hi-fi. In fact, hi-fi amps usually sound terrible when used for guitar. I've seen DSP boxes to simulate the desired distortion so you can use SS amps at less than overdrive.
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