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Are these drivers useful for home audio...

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  • Are these drivers useful for home audio...

    Fs: 20.4Hz
    Qms: 4.5
    Vas: 387L
    Cms: .4mm/N
    Mms: 152g
    Rms: 4.35
    Xmax: 18.5mm
    Sd: 825sqcm
    Vd: 3.05L
    Qes: .45
    Re: 2.7ohm
    Z: 4ohm
    Le: .163mH
    Pe: 500W
    Qts: .41
    1W SPL: 90.6dB

    Looking to be spoon fed if anybody has the time. I have 2 of these 15'' AE IB 4 Auto subs. Used them for years in a car and enjoyed them. I understand that they work best "IB", but what size and type box would be necessary to make good use of them? Hoping to use them in the basement as a fun project type of a system.
    I realize there are box building programs but don't trust myself to utilize them correctly.

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    Yes they are good for home use. They'll work well in closed boxes from 75ltrs to over 200. 200 ltrs for qtc .707.


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      AE woofers are very nice, you should definitely use them.


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        In a 4 cf closed box, they should better 115dB (500wRMS) @ 40Hz (Q 0.85) all day long. GREAT for music (but missing the bottom octave for HT - not accounting for room gain).


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          These drivers could also be used in an open baffle subwoofer, or even better as an H-frame dipole.

          The current AE IBHT woofers are also good for that application judging solely by their TS parameters.
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            Thanks, people. I was thinking that the boxes would need to be bigger. Like refrigerator sized. Figure I will build 2 separate boxes 24"x24"x30" with 1 1/2" material.