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Question Re: Apollo and Helix MT designs

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  • Question Re: Apollo and Helix MT designs

    I'm trying to narrow down my choice of my next speaker build, and I've got it narrowed down to 3 designs:
    - Apollo 7 MT
    - Helix Dome MT
    - MicroStatements

    I like some practical reasons for choosing the Apollo or Helix Dome over the MicroStatements, but I'm having trouble getting some clarification on near-field use. (BTW, what happened to the Ares design? It would have possibly been in the running.)

    I'd be using these mounted on or above a desktop, at about 33" from me. If I invert the speaker so that the tweeter is on the bottom, I should be able to raise it higher off the desk to minimize reflection from the desktop. (Is that allowed?) I also can have up to 18" or so behind the speaker, so breathing room is not necessarily a problem. The only remaining question that people speak of in terms of nearfield use is driver integration. Would that be a problem at just shy of a yard?

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