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  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

    Despite being in Denver for the last 6 years, this is the first time I will be attending RMAF. Any recommendations on "must see" exhibitors?

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    I live near Boulder and go most years. It is a fine show, with really too much to see. PE typically has a booth. I would recommend the SALK Sound room, as that line grew out of the DIY community. PS Audio usually has some good stuff to show, and have been working on a new speaker. It used to be great to see the Linkwitz stuff each year, but don't know if anyone will show that since he passed away earlier this year. Boenicke always has some really cool speakers. Suggest you listen to Elac and their new powered line -- or others -- and talk with Andrew Jones. Tremendous bang for the buck speakers. If you like tube audio, you will enjoy the many different amps. Lots of great DACs also, so check out the little Pro-Ject, Benchmark, Brooklyn, PS Audio, Cambridge Audio. Lots of great streaming stuff too. It's a bit overwhelming and can take many, many hours to take it in, and you cannot see it all. Grab the catalog and pick the companies you really want to check out.


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      For a real special speaker, check out Goebel using bending wave tech.

      One single driver covers from 170 hz to over 30 k.

      It is hard to find a more coherent, with no noticeable phase problems. Even on their enormous, top of the line speakers, completely disappear in the room.


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        Thanks for the recommendations! I did check out Goebel. They were one of the firsts, right when you walk in. I gotta say, I think my favorite that weekend was Borresen Speakers. They had a small little bookshelf speaker in one of the main listening areas which was impressive and their private listening room had a 2.5 way that I swore had a subwoofer hooked up as well. I kept looking for a passive radiator or something that was assisting in the low end, but it was just a ribbon or airmotiv tweeter and 2 - 6" drivers. Given, it was only a 150sf hotel room, but still really impressive to me!


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          The Mark Levinson room playing the new Revel thin towers was superb, and usually I prefer the tube rooms. The large Salk floor standers running on Schiit gear was wonderful. Joseph speakers always sound great at RMAF. The PE powered 3-ways were money for the $300 cost. The new TUK powered speakers for $700 were pretty impressive considering all they do. The new Elac two-way with AMT tweeter was astoundingly good, especially for its low price. Elac is totally rewriting speaker value for under $1,000. I don't know if you could DIY a design that good for the money it would take.


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            dst You were totally right about it being too much to see. After the room on the main floor, everything became a blur. I think I visited 4 floors of the hotels rooms, then had to decompress!


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              Yes, I did a whirlwind tour of all floors and it took 4 hours and I did not go into 60% of the rooms, only the ones I was interested in. I found the very large rooms in the conference center to be so big that they negatively affected the sound. I have been to at least 7 RMAFs and when you try and do it in one day or part of a day it is just kind of an OD experience. Too much candy for one to take in.