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Best 2.1 amp for this scenario...

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  • Best 2.1 amp for this scenario...

    I found one of these Arcade1UP Asteroid systems locally for $75 and picked it up:

    I'm going to mod it with a Raspberry Pi and throw a ton of games on it. I'm also going to install new speakers with a subwoofer.

    My requirement will be to have separate volume and subwoofer knobs to allow me to turn up or down either, depending on the game. Input will be 3.5mm, or adapted to RCA. I'm going to be replacing the deck with this, and would like to mount the volume knobs in this for easy access:

    I also picked up one of these risers on sale and plan on beefing it up, and installing two Tang Band 5.25" subs in it. The other speakers will like be Infinity 4" 2-way car speakers.

    My question is, for a setup like this which 2.1 amp would you go with? I remember months ago seeing a modular Dayton Audio solution that allowed this, but I don't see it any more. Any ideas?

    I greatly appreciate any input. Thanks!

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    whats the watt and ohm rating on the infinity speakers


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      and which tangband subs are you using?


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        TB sub is this 5" 8 ohm. Will run two, so a 4 ohm load. I already have these:

        I'll probably go with something like these Infinity 4" 4ohm speakers (on sale for $45 on Amazon, but the link is massive). Or, if the amp would prefer an 8 ohm load I could do some RS100's.


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          I would probably run this buyout 2.1 plate amp:

          And probably just a pair of the ND90-8, like Paul used in his Sprite project:

          Your Tang Band subs should work well.
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            Thanks for the input. However, I would really like to have mounted volume knobs for speaker and sub output. You think it's possible for a plate amp like that, to relocate them? Believe it or not, I actually have that exact plate amp that I picked up about 5 years ago at the tent sale. I think I snagged it for $20!


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              This amp would probably work for what you need


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                Originally posted by Jeff F. View Post
                This amp would probably work for what you need
                That's exactly what I was looking for. For some reason, when I was looking at PE's site, I couldn't find the Audio Amplifier Boards & Modules link. Thanks!


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                  The TB subs will work well down to 50 hz. But they lose composure below 45 hz (xmax limits) with any real power. I'd be careful that the game sounds don't have any low frequency content like HT explosions, etc. Could be a problem at louder volumes. And neither suggested amp has a HP filter for the sub.