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First speaker build : The Continuum - need help! Several questions

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    Originally posted by Sinistre1 View Post
    You don't get crossover boards... unless that's a relatively recent add. I bought 2 kits at different times and neither had boards.
    Hmmm.... I order a couple of kits myself for builds I did. Then came with precut crossover board and a sticker you could place on it that showed where each parts was to be placed. I thought it was quite nifty. This has been about 3-4 years now, though.
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      Originally posted by audiogeek View Post
      Jeff B.

      Hi Jeff!

      After I posted this plan over at Reddit I have found a few people interested in doing a group "buy" of sorts, for the CNC'd cut parts. It would help reduce costs to get them machined together.

      Before committing to anything or asking more people, I wanted to check with you as they are your design, of course. I'm not doing anything with the kit directly, but I've modeled the cabinet to fit the approximate volume and baffle width, as I've seen them being public. The others will be responsible for purchasing the kit from Meniscus. I'll leave the baffle optional for them to build so they can use it with other designs if they wish.

      Please let me know if you're cool with it. I'm not trying to make profit off it, just cut costs

      Sure, that sounds fine with me.
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        Hi Akhil Can you share where is this group buy thing going on Reddit? I’ve the kit and haven’t gotten around to cutting ply yet and might be interested in this depending upon the cost. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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          Thanks Jeff, and thanks again for sharing the design with us!

          Sinistre1, my Continuum II kit has arrived with small MDF boards for the crossover.


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            I definitely didn't get any... or stickers... but no big deal. If i recall correctly though, i DID get candy!!??!!. Lol. Was a while ago but it was so random it was memorable. I've built one Set after getting the baffle cnc'd by a guy here in BK. They were a bedroom set (zones on Demon 4520) but I've since decided to pare down my AV footprint in the LR and an all continuum 4.2 channel set up is in the making. Reached out to the person who did my original baffles but he'd have to reprogram his setup since the plans were deleted and that's cost prohibitive for a few baffles. Oddly enough, this group buy, if it goes off, would exclude the only part of the build I'd need made. The panels are a cinch but I have a irrational fear of cutting circles with roundovers and depth reliefs. Lol. I bought the router, upcut bits and roundovers and just can't pull the trigger.

            This thread has spurred me on to get busy so.... that said, I woul dnt have a major aversion to purchasing baffles if they were affordable.


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              Btw, to the OP, you will love them. They are my favorite all around speaker (of those I've owned or could reasonably afford) giving up only dynamics to my statement monitors which have been my AV L/R... I prefer centerless in my set up.


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                Hello to all. The method of "hot" alignment. The essence of this method is that the speaker is checked for correct operation during the alignment operation. The method is good in that it does not require removal of the dust cap, and allows you to completely save the appearance of the speaker.


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                  I am so glad this post came up. I am officially a circle jig user now. I'm by no means finished but that said I have cut all of the reliefs for the tweeter *whatever the area that the speaker flange mounts into. I've also done the same for the woofers. This is for 6 baffles. I plan to replace my old baffles as I want to get rid of the screws on the front for a less cluttered look. Two of the baffles are my test mules (and lucky thing I planned for it because I did make one measuring error. It isn't very hard at all. Just time consuming and "exacting", as far as measurements go. When finished these will my first complete DIY pair as I will have also done the ENTIRE cabinet from scratch. Btw, I second the comment you (OP) WILL enjoy these speakers! They remain my favorite all around speakers (well of the ones i've had in home or have listened to in a private home. It will be a while before I am finished i'm sure, but I will take a pic here and there to post at a later time


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                    What amplifier is best suited for these? I'll be in the market for an amp soon. I can't build right now (lack of time, equipment etc.), and with a budget of ~300. What makes for a good pairing - Class A, Class D, Integrated, vintage stereo etc.? I'm open to anything in this range. Currently I have a SMSL SA36A Pro, so needs to be better than that. I'm happier to buy pre-used to get something better for the money.

                    Should mention that I already have a Minidsp crossing out to my subwoofer, don't need great bass extension/power on the amp or a sub-out. It's a small room, so don't need too much power either. And a power amp would do just fine, as these will be fed through my headphone amp as a pre-amp.

                    In other news, the wood is currently being cut in a shop, so build posts coming in 2 weeks hopefully!

                    Thanks Sinistre1 for the encouragement, helps to know they'll sound good :D


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                      Short answer?

                      A used NAD or Adcom power amp that you research online as 4 ohm capable.

                      Scads of other possibilities. Major Japanese brands. Outlaw, Emotiva. (All used).