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C-Note plus Voxel, good pairing?

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  • C-Note plus Voxel, good pairing?

    Hi guys, I have a little experience building speakers and have had this idea for some time to build a slot port Voxel sub to add to some speakers with 4" woofers I use at the PC. What I came up with is an 8.5L enclosure tuned to 38Hz.

    I'm going to build a set of C-Notes for a Christmas gift and that led me to thinking I could make another pair to upgrade the PC speakers. However now looking at frequency graphs of the C-Notes and what I've modelled with the Voxel I'm not sure if the Voxel is really going to add all that much as the C-Notes look to have some decent performance down low. Maybe in a different application it would be worth it but given it will be near field listening I'm not sure now.

    I'd appreciate a little sanity check, am I wasting my time and money with the Voxel in this application?

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    Modeling the C-note in its "stock" cab LOOKs like it'll reach down to 60Hz.
    Your W5 box should do mid-30s. That's nearly an extra octave on the bottom end.
    Pretty much a standard use for a sub.


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      That should be a great paring. Feel free to play with the box tuning on the c-notes. Sealed might make a natural roll off to the subwoofer. That might make the integration more seamless.


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        Thanks guys, yeah I actually tried modelling the C-Note after I posted and realised that the sub would actually add a good deal down low. I have read some discussion about making the adjustable port that comes with the C-Note kit shorter, similar to that recommended on the centre channel kit to raise the tuning.

        I've only made some basic enclosures so far, building the slot port will be a nice little challenge although I guess it's probably child's play for experienced wood workers


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          My only concern would be that the C-Notes would have more output capability than the Voxel, especially if the C-Notes get a high pass to integrate with the sub. A larger sub would get you more total system output before the C-Notes get stressed out.

          For reasonable listening levels, shouldn't matter at all.
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            You can always do two Voxels. 😀 Keeping the woofer close to the floor and in a corner should help the Voxel keep up.