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How to tame Tang Band W5 - 2053 RBM sub woofer frequency response?

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  • How to tame Tang Band W5 - 2053 RBM sub woofer frequency response?

    Hi Gang,

    I'm playing around with very small sub woofers again after a long hiatus. I have built a 4.5L box for the TB 2053 RBM to use in a 2.1 system with a pair Dayton PS95 running full range in seperate cabinets. My problem is that my 2.1 amp allows for control of sub volume but not frequency and the sub is majorly intruding into the overall sound. Also, on frequencies below about 35Hz the sub distorts if played at any volume. So what I'm hoping is that someone can recommend an inductor and capacitor filter to put in line with the sub that will strongly attenuate frequencies below 35Hz and frequencies above about 150HZ. I have a good supply of inducors up to 5mH and caps up to 800uf. I remember from when I was messing around with mini-subs three years ago that there was a way to do something along these lines, but can't remember any of the details or values to be used. Input on what to try would be greatly appreciated.



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    Is there a chance that the sub amp is clipping?


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      Even though that box SEEMs like double the recommended size, AFA X-max goes, I see NO trouble w/it down to 25Hz when tuned in the low 30s.
      What IS your tuning?

      For a low pass filter (2nd order), a 10mH series coil and a 200uF cap pull the output down (0dB ref. @ 80Hz):
      -2dB @100Hz, -3@120, -6@150, -12@230, and -17@300.


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        Because I have them left over from another project, I'm using 2 Peerless 5.25" passive radiators with 40 grams additional weight each which gives me a tuning frequency of 40.5 Hz. The modeled response is nice and flat with only +1 db at 45 Hz and an F3 of 37Hz. I am pretty sure my amp isn't clipping.
        If you look at the factory specs, the TB is very flat out to 700 Hz,takes a 25db dive but is back to only 5db below what it is at 700Hz at 2000Hz! Would it be better to use a filter which crosses at around 500Hz on the sub and a seperate high pass filter on the PS 95s to cut their lows accordingly?


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          IMO 150 is much better than 500.


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            Which 2.1 amp are you using?


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              TBH I would chuck that 2.1 amp and get one that has a sub frequency control. The cost of a passive @ 150 Hz can get expensive too.
              "Everything is nothing without a high sound quality." (Sure Electronics)


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                Problem solved! Because of the possibiltiy of amp issues being the best way of addressing the problem, I took the TB 2053 mini sub from the shop into the house and hooked it up to our TV's sound system which uses a Nobsound 2.1 mini amp with adjustable sub volume AND frequency controls. ThejTB sounds very nice, equal to or better than the Voxel which uses a Dayton 70 watt adjustable plate amp. The Nobsound costs under $50.00, has two @ 50WPC +100 for the sub, so I have one one on the way for my shop to use there.
                Thanks to all for the input.