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What size enclosure for midrange

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  • What size enclosure for midrange

    What size enclosure would you use for a 6.5” mid range driver in a three way speaker playing between 350-3500hz? Minimum Size, length, insulation, material, etc. any all tips welcome

    Also, anyone have any experience running an open baffle/dipole for a 6.5” mid range playing between 350-3500hz?

    thank you

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    It's common to design for a closed box w/a Q(tc) in the 0.7 to 0.5 range (lots of stuffing behind the driver).
    For open baffle, it's better for the driver to have a Q(ts) near the same range (MAYbe 0.6 to 0.8)?


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      Unless you are running a DSP you can't make that frequency range OB with constant directivity. If you are content with listening on axis look for high QTS to minimize the low frequency roll off on a wide baffle. I like to use ABC Dipole for modeling the driver plus baffle.

      Sealed midrange with larger box and lower QTC, tapered to reduced reflections, variable density insulation. Dan N. has done some Tapered TL style midrange enclosures that have sounded very good.
      John H

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