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Party speakers to fill a large room with sound.

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    Want to move some air? I've got some subs that would work great, but I'm guessing shipping cost from Iowa would be pretty steep!

    Click image for larger version

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      djg what are the specs on those titans?


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        Some full candor advice from someone who has party speakers, and has had a few parties. Use the current sober you to plan and protect the future dunken you (or friends) from damaging your equipment.

        What do I mean?

        - Sober you will think "heck that's plenty loud and has ample of bass"
        - Drunk you will think "I need more volume, and lets crank the bass while I'm at it."

        - Sober you will be sensitive to equipment trending toward the limits of available power, headroom, distortion etc.
        - Drunk you will loose that sensitivity, and be much more tolerant of sound quality going down the toilet for the sake of "more."

        Consider a setup where going over the top requires a little more effort than just turning up the volume. Set gain on the amplifier(s) so that you can't push your gear into the "red zone" even with the pre-amp volume and bass maxed out. Perhaps make getting to the amplifier gain settings a little difficult, and think about adding a limiter. Equipment where these settings are accessed via a complex menu system, and must be navigated by looking at a tiny LCD display is suggested. ;)


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          Originally posted by killerkowalczyk View Post
          djg what are the specs on those titans?
          You'll have to find them yourself. diysg produces the kit. PE Tech Talk does not like other speaker suppliers linked, even though in this instance they sell some of diysg's products. The Titan's are meant as home theater speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen.


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            I must be the only guy on Earth who doesn't like loud distorted music when I'm drunk. I'm beginning to doubt my manhood!


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              Your obviously not drunk enough.
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                Originally posted by 6thplanet View Post
                Your obviously not drunk enough.
                I find it hard to argue with that.


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                  You could also check out Bob Crites Cornscala variants. A compression driver on a horn/ waveguide, mated to a 15 inch pro woofer will do what no hifi speaker will, in terms of high output/ low distortion. Have you ever listened to horns? Some love them, some don't. Have you thought about the dispersion characteristics, as well as where you will place them? I love the sound of horns, but everything is a choice compromise. If you want the speakers to go club level loud, pro drivers and horns/ CD would be the choice that I would go with. With your budget, you have some great options. Tony Gee has a design that uses Faital pro drivers called Calpamos that I have drooled over, but it will cost you more than 2 g's. Oh, Wayne Parham has some high sensitivity waveguide designs that you could build with upgraded jbl pro drivers that have been praised. I was to the point of having the Titans in the shopping cart when I picked up a pair of Klipsch Chorus ll's at a can't turn down price, and they have incredible dynamins and punch, and can play brutally loud. The Titans should better them in every way except resale value.(better driver components, and crossover parts with higher power handling and output) Good luck with your choice. Glenn.


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                    With no WAF, i would build the Titans as shown earlier and a pair of DIY 18” Ultimax subs for a room that size OR a floor to ceiling Line Array which assures full coverage of the room as only an array can and dynamics unrivaled by hifi speaker systems.


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                      You've got to go BIG. It's going to take a lot in a room that big to feel the sledgehammer impact of a kick drum in your chest. As an aside, the first time I saw AC/DC they were a warm up band for Aerosmith and Foreigner. Here's my take for under 2K.

                      4 HSU buyouts $275
                      1 FaitalPro 8PR200 $200
                      1 Selenium D220Ti $50
                      1 Horn for the Above $25 Fpitas can probably give some good recommendations
                      Total $550 a side

                      Behringer DCX2496 $300 This is a nice unit, you can set up dynamic EQ and Peak Power Limiters to save your speakers during those check this sh*t out moments
                      NX3000 $350 625W RMS watts a channel, with EQ the HSU drivers get you 120+dB down to around 23Hz
                      Used Sony STR-DE935 $100 Analog inputs for the mids and highs. 110 clean watts, 165 watts peak

                      So 1850 bucks for the hardware