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Party speakers to fill a large room with sound.

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  • Party speakers to fill a large room with sound.

    Since it’s getting colder, I’m thinking I might need an indoor project. Time to build another pair of speakers. I have quite a large rec room, on the order of 1200 ft.². I currently have a pair of D3’s in there. They sound good, but I’m wanting something that digs a little deeper. I also just have the itch to build something outrageous. I imagine they will primarily get used to play rock music. Think AC/DC, rush, Disturbed, etc.

    i’m not necessarily constrained by budget, but don’t feel obligated to just waste money. A high value design would be great, but not essential. Spousal acceptance is not a concern. neither is build complexity.

    I don’t have any interest in speaker design, but I quite enjoy the building and finishing.

    As a sidenote, I’d be interested to know if any of you are located in Colorado. Specifically in the Colorado Springs area. I had a couple of speaker building pals some years ago, but I have lost touch with them.

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	IM000028~2.jpeg
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ID:	1423273 "Dayton 8 MTM"
    I think Chris Roemer may have an updated simpler crossover as well


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      Speaker Design Works


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        Second time today, Titans. Kit available. Possibly outrageous.


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          What is your budget? Would you consider a bi-amped pair?


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            I'll throw in a suggestion for my Zingers tower edition. We'll call it a design that could compete with the D8.
            Not that expensive either,
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              Your D3s are the "Dayton 8"'s little brother. No sub needed w/the Dayton 8.


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                1200 square feet??

                That is a small to mid size house in some parts of the woods.

                I had a room years ago that was quite big (not THAT big) but found 4 speakers approximately in each corner area was the only easy way to get equal sound volume throughout room without resulting in one set at one end playing really loud.

                Not sure your goal, is it to fill the room equally or just from one central sitting position?


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                  Some interesting ideas already. I’m excited.

                  answering the two questions:

                  there’s no budget on this this project, but the more expensive it is the longer I’ll have to save up my allowance. It’d be nice to keep it under $2K, but not essential. The D8’s are so cheap I might have to build a pair right away just to scratch my itch.

                  My goal is to fill the whole room, but I’ll be content with one pair flanking the TV. It’s a huge room. My cabinet shop was in my home for years. When I bought a building for my business I had this giant room left over. We cleaned it up and turned it into a rec/exercise/pool table/kids play room.


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                    I built the Dayton 8s and Wolf's Zingers. I prefer the Zingers between the two.

                    But 1200 sq ft? I would go PA style.

                    BTW, the Uluwatus have done some modest PA duty per a review. And the Uluwatus with their woofers would call on your cabinet skills, the D8s and Zingers are pretty basic boxes, although you can make them as fancy as you wish.


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                      Econowave Delite 10's with a pair of RS315 subs (or similar) would be good in 1200 sq ft. You could make the subs as stands for the econowaves. Or a pair of DCS305's under each econowave in about 3.9ft3, Fb 26hz F3 32hz. That would ROCK.
                      I do think you need a high efficiency compression tweeter


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                        The Uluwatus are great looking. My shop is a CNC shop, so the baffle should be easy. Program for 20 minutes then hit “print”, so to speak.

                        They’re so good looking they might find their way upstairs into the living room where most music actually gets played in my house.



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                          The Uluwatus are nice, but if you really are playing them loud be sure you use a decently high power amp. You can fry tweeters with clipping if you run out of amplifier headroom.


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                            Anybody know what the F3 is on the Uluwatus? I couldn't find it in the write up.


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                              Originally posted by Jeff F. View Post
                              Anybody know what the F3 is on the Uluwatus? I couldn't find it in the write up.

                              FWIW, I see the impedance minimum at about 35Hz.