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  • Posted this by accident *Ignore*

    Hi all,
    I'm probably the newest person to the forum since I just joined. I had a question about a few subwoofer builds that I'm creating through WinISD. I've been an Audiophile for several years and fixed speakers in the past, (refoamed surrounds, replaced drivers, etc.) but I've never built any from scratch. I'm trying to build a passive radiator sub with two radiators. (Dayton Audio DSA270-PR 10' Aluminum cone Passive radiator) (See attached for driver used) However, when I get everything figured out and modeled, WinISD says cone excursion occurs at 35 watts even though woofer is rated for 80 watts RMS. Even when I try to model a sealed or ported sub with the same driver, I run into the same problem. I'm quite stuck on what to do since I'd love to build it, but I don't want to blow the woofer. Any thoughts or ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
    Dayton Audio SD270A-88 10" DVC Subwoofer