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Help! How to add BSC components (RC parallel to L) in PCD ?

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  • Help! How to add BSC components (RC parallel to L) in PCD ?


    I have been trying out Jeff Bagby's Passive Crossover Designer. Its an awesome program but I am not sure how to add BSC components ( RC parallel to L).
    It might be possible to design a crossover with such an RC network, but I believe it needs a much bigger inductor coil. And it limits the flexibility of the simulation.

    I have added a link to an image ( from Troel Gravesen) to illustrate what I am talking about. ( not sure why I can't attach, says image corrupted!)

    Someone kindly let me know if such a simulation is possible in PCD?

    If not, please suggest alternate ( free) simulators.

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    That filter is not specifically for BSC, You can use PCD to do that, except the R2012 resistor next to the cap can't be added. Usually that resistor is just to keep the amp happy, and can likely be simmed without it.
    If you didn't already look, the parts layout is shown on a separate tab.

    There's an RLC filter before the x-over, and an RLC filter after the x-over. Both are a few lines below the x-over filter part.

    BSC is often done using just a standard coil, and cap in a typical 2nd order type arrangement.