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Has anybody built (or even heard) the Halcyon speakers by Curt Campbell?

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  • Has anybody built (or even heard) the Halcyon speakers by Curt Campbell?

    Newbie here: I'm interested in building these because Curt has a great reputation and history of success. Also, I have a very difficult room placement situation. These seem like a good idea because of Curt's statements that the Halcyons can be placed almost right next to the front wall, and that kits, including flat packs are available. What I'm missing is anybody who has built a pair or auditioned a pair. Links:

    Curt's page:
    Speaker Design Works

    Madisound kit:
    Halcyon ~ Markaudio + SB Acoustics Full Range with Bass Assist Tower - Pair: Madisound Speaker Components

    SpeakerHardware kit:
    Speaker Design Works Halcyon

    SpeakerHardware flat pack:
    Halcyon Tower Flat Pack | Speaker Hardware

    Thanks, and thanks to Jim Holtz for his eagerness to help and responsiveness to my poorly articulated inquiries.

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      Since nobody else has commented. You should know that typically a full-range driver tends to beam at high frequencies. That's not a show-stopper, but you may find the sweet spot is narrow for the highest frequencies. The on-axis response looks pretty good, from the graph Curt posted.


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        Just build 'em!


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          Chris, you are a Great American. I'm slowly coming to the same conclusion. I'm prone to analysis paralysis, but it would be nice to know that somebody has built and likes them, but, in the long run, I think you are right. If everybody waited around for affirmation before doing something, we'd still be walking out to the shed to pee.


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            And I'll add that just because somebody else likes them or dislikes them doesn't mean that you will. Build them and find out!


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              Curt Campbell built them and likes them. The Mark Audio and SBA drivers are well thought of.

              Let us know how they turn out.


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                worst case you don't like the top end and try adding a tweeter at 8 or 10,000.