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  • Klipsch Dock Speaker

    Any chance anyone has ever dug around the innards of an old 30pin iPod speaker dock from Klipsch ?

    ive been requested to try to fix the blown woofer. I didn’t find a direct replacement searching the model number on the driver. Does anyone recognize it and have a suggested drop-in replacement?

    the reason that this is not just going in the trash in favor of a new Bluetooth speaker is a long story

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    I see 2-1/8" across the outside of the surround.
    That's essentially the same as the ND64/65 series.
    You could likely fit one in there, maybe on a spacer/adapter ring.

    If there's no vent, then the Q of a 65-4 (near 0.70-ish) might be the most appropriate.


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      thanks for the suggestion Chris. it's a vented enclosure and it will be very difficult to measure the volume so it complicates things a bit. perhaps i'll just seal it.

      there's really not much room for an adapter plate so i was hoping to find something with the same screw pattern. it's funny, i happen to have some drivers on hand that i got out of a prefab pastic tv-speaker enclosure
      i bought from PE a few years ago and it's almost exactly the right size. issue is that it has odd offset/backset mounting points which complcates fitting it into this cabinet.

      i'm trying to keep an eye out for matching (nominal) impedence to keep the amp functional for the foreseable future.


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        Well, i THINK mine measure 2-5/8" C-C across the holes.
        Those look like 2-11/16"? PDC!
        A "nominal" 8ohm driver has a DCR (Re) close to 6 ohms. The ND65-8 might be as close as you'll find.


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          Have you tried asking Klipsch for parts?


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            Thanks for the feedback guys. I should have tried contacting Klipsch. In the meantime I found a workaround.... I bought a new Bluetooth speaker and found an old 30pin iPod doc with USB and 1/8" headphone jack output that both plug into the new speaker. That allowed replacing the blown unit completely. An ugly solution, but it is what it is.

            I also unplugged 1 of the woofers from that Klipsch unit when i reassembled it. now it's tolerable to listen to (even though the other woofer is partially damaged as well). when you're more than a few feet away you can't tell the 'low' end is not in stereo... there are still tweeters for both channels. It's likely it will end up in the garbage tho :-(


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              You can buy a used one on eBay and take parts from it.


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                Those look a lot like the drivers in the Pro Media computer speakers. I have about 20 of them somewhere in the garage. I will try to dig them out and verify it today.

                I have used the GR8 Research LGK in place of the Klipsch drivers as a drop in and was very satisfied.


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                  thanks for the thought david - I haven't been monitoring this thread consistently. not high priority since I bought a workaround

                  chad2 - i did consider buying one for parts... which then devolved into just buying a used one as a replacement. i think they were not as cheap as i expected when i looked or something? a few people on FaceBook marketplace near me had similar (or same) speaker available for sale, but the sellers had discouraging commentary under the product, such as one woman who had no description, just "no returns". lol. does not inspire confidence.