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Question: what are the optimal settings for DA SPA1000 Sub plate amplifier

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  • Question: what are the optimal settings for DA SPA1000 Sub plate amplifier

    I have a Dayton Audio SPA-1000 plate amplifier. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to configure the amplifier for getting a flat response. I have a sealed box with dual opposed 10" drivers with a Q of 0.707. The sub puts out a lot of sub-bass (below 30 Hz) but no mid-bass (30-70 Hz).

    How did others configure the amplifier settings to get a flatter extended mid-bass response?

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    Make sure the crossover isn't set low, if your using an AVR it should be set above that.

    It could also be your room placement and listening spot. Is that bass gone consistently throughout the room?
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      I set the crossover at 200. The bass is gone no matter where the sub is placed... I can see the drivers going at it, so it is not a driver issue.


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        You have to make sure of what's broken before you try to fix it. First off you need to measure the frequency response of the speaker independent of the SPA-1000. If the speaker response is good then measure it with the SPA-1000 driving it.


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          Figured it out... The EQ bandwidth must be set to 1, EQ frequency set to 50 and the EQ Level set to 0... Run the AVR EQ calibration if available.