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Modifying the enclosure of an older design

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  • Modifying the enclosure of an older design

    So I have had my Core 2-Ways, designed by Paul Carmody for quite some time now. I am a woodworker, not a speaker designer. Love making speakers, and do so on the side for family and friends, but designing is not my thing.

    The Core Parts are no longer available apparently.

    I am in need of a center channel for movie watching.

    I am not capable of designing my own. Have thought about using another exisisting design like the blues speaker, available at that other place we shall not speak of, but would rather stick within the family.

    My question is what happens if I mess with the shape and size of the enclosure.

    Say I took the RS-180, and the RS28-A and put them in the standard TM configuration, using the truncated midrange faceplate. Then, make the speaker as wide as the original core was tall. Same depth as well.

    I would like curve the top down slightly, as I don't need that tall of a center speaker the whole way across, make it look a bit like a very large mantle clock kind of shape.

    Would this drastically effect the sound of the speaker ?

    I understand the Amiga and Core are slightly different, different tweeters etc, and I am ok with that. Doesn't need to be perfect, but its closer than anything else is going to be.

    Curious to hear from the experts if this plan makes any sense at all ?

    Many thanks

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    Changing the size and shape of the front panel will affect the baffle step frequency and the shape of the curve. Hard to tell if it will be drastic.