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Question about 12v light & Wallwart..

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  • Question about 12v light & Wallwart..

    A little off-topic, but I was wondering if you guys could help me with a question I have.

    I have a 12v 'angel eye' automotive light that I'd like to be able to power in the house, through a wallwart plug. I'm not too good with this stuff, so what size/kind of wallwart would I need to power it? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Link to the light I'm using:

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    I guess all I really need to know is how many amps would be enough? 1a? 2a? 5a? Thanks!


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      A 1 amp wall-wart should be enough to power at least 2 rings.

      There are other vendors who sell a similar product, and who provide information about current draw. Google "angel eye halo ring" and follow the links. This one looks similar and it is spec'd at 300ma.

      As a rule of thumb, if an LED assembly does not come with a heatsink, it is likely to be in the sub-5W range.
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        Awesome, great info, thank you sir!