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    I trust you understand when I report the results of my hearing test(s).
    I have a pronounced knee in my response curve below 2 kHz and the bottom falls out by 4 kHz. ...More than 10-12 dB down. I offer you some perspective when I report the spl at higher frequencies excited the walls of my ear canal before it was audible. I feel higher frequencies at lower levels than I can hear.
    Though both doc's say I could delay the purchase, it is imminent.

    I would welcome your suggestions here or by pm.
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    In the same boat, seriously considering making a purchase. My hearing response is similar to yours plus a cliff after 10 KHz. I've done a little research and talked with friends who have hearing aids. Here's what I have so far:

    1. You have to pick a pair that are comfortable to wear. The bottom line is you won't wear them if they aren't comfortable.

    2. A major decision is behind the ear vs in the ear canal. My friends say an advantage of the behind the ear is they let sound enter the ear naturally and they augment it where as all sound has to go through the in the ear version. I don't know if any of them actually tried the in the ear versions though.

    3. It seems to me that most aids have a number of predetermined settings that you can choose. I was some what surprised because I was assuming that a custom setting based on my hearing test would be used. And maybe that's possible and I missed it.

    4. My friends say that Costco is the best place to go for price vs. performance. It's crazy how the costs for hearing aids very dramatically. IMO a lot of companies are making a mint off of hearing aids. Caveat emptor!

    5. Eargo is a recent internet based hearing aid company that seems to be upsetting the industry and is worth a look. They will send you a pair of free non-operable in the ear aids so you can try them out for the fit and feel.

    Hope this helps and please update with what you find.
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      If what Bose offers interests you, PM me
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        I have a combination of tinnitus and pretty much 100% loss above 6Khz. Three years ago I ponied up $5K for a high end set of hearing aids that promised not only to correct my hearing but also deal with extraneous noise in various noisy restaurants, driving etc. All was programmed by an audiologist, based on hearing response tests.

        How I wish I had spent my money on a set of speakers instead! None of the alogrithms for sounds shaping work. I can not tweak settings myself, locked down software to protect the audiologist. You know how folks are loath to describe the way speakers sound on this forum.....subjectivity and all imagine trying to do the same with some person who takes this and attempts to adjust software...hopeless.

        I don't wear them. I actually have a set of Bose hearphones which are far, far superior in all aspects other than appearance.

        My suggestions:

        Insist on satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. This needs to cover at least a few weeks of wearing them before giving thumbs up or down.

        Buy aids that YOU can adjust the response of. Preferably through your smartphone.

        Personally, I would not deal with an audiologist beyone getting a graph of your hearing response. New laws have made hearing aids basically over the counter.

        Good luck.


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          Originally posted by Zephyr View Post

          My suggestions:

          Insist on satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. This needs to cover at least a few weeks of wearing them before giving thumbs up or down.
          Be wary the main stream (e.g., Miracle Ear, others) money back guarantee. If your not happy, the seller/audiologist will insist on tweaking the unit (reprogramming response) over and over again until the return period has lapsed.


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            I have had hearing aids for more than 6 years now, just had to replace my first set (I'm just turning 37 yrs old).
            They are not cheap and most benefits plans (extended health insurance) won't cover them, or much of them anyways. (I'm in Canada).

            Many places now offer 30 day trials with a small deposit (like $500 bucks) or other places will give you a money-back guarantee within 60 days if you pay in full. As noted above, beware delay tactics, get them to put something like a "no questions asked" type of policy on a return in writing.

            I had Unitron for my first set and now am using Phonak. They are close to the same company I think. However, definitely price-shop around and if you find someone you like (the audiologist) see if they will price match if you find a lower price somewhere.

            My hearing response is what they call a "cookie bite" meaniing it is ok up to about 800-1000 hz, then has a huge dip between 2-4khz, then normallizes around 6, and then i think I'm ok up to 12khz, then my tinnitus masks anything above that (or I think so at least).

            Get a set that will work with your cell phone, some brands work better with Android (Phonak/Unitron) and some work better with iOS systems (Oticon). So check that compatibility as well).

            I would also look into insurance for them as they really are such a big investment.

            Zephyr sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. Mine has generally been pretty good and my hearing aids made a huge difference to my quality of life.


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              I came across this linked tone generator and with it on the computer, connected to an amplifier and speakers, played with it to get a sense of how well/not well I hear.

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