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Real world importance of cabinet hight and depth is?

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  • Real world importance of cabinet hight and depth is?

    Hi Gents,

    I am planning on starting soon on a two way speaker that needs a volume of around 3/4 CF. I am thinking a baffle width of 9 or 91/2 inches would work well. So, building out of 3/4 inch ply, is their any advantage of a height of 15 1/2" and a depth of 14 1/2" as opposed to 15H by 15 deep? I have read that one should avoid using symetrical dimensions in cabinets, but wonder in a speaker of this size if it would make an audible difference.
    So, if you were building a cabinet for the Peerless XT 25 G30 tweet and Peerless 830833 woofer, why not cut the panels to 15" for all 6 sides of the cabinet and keep things simple? (I use miter construction.) That way the cut list for the pair of speakers would be: 4 pieces 15x15 and 8 pieces 15 X 9. There are probably problems with this plan, but it appeals. What dimensions would you use? Thoughts, ideas, issues?



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    With proper internal bracing and damping it's not so much of an issue, certainly moving your dimensions my only 1/2" won't fix the issue much either. The old "golden ratio" rule was so that panel resonances and internal standing waves on each dimension occur at significantly different frequencies to spread them out rather than compound together. This is only really true to a hollow un-braced monkey coffin from days of old.

    Pick dimensions that work best for the shape and location of speaker you're going for. Simplifying the cut list is one thing, but IMO it's not much more work to move the fence a few inches for a couple cuts to make different sized panels.
    "I just use off the shelf textbook filters designed for a resistor of 8 ohms with
    exactly a Fc 3K for both drivers, anybody can do it." -Xmax


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      The ' Golden Ratio ' also makes for visual appeal .