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  • Question for forum monitors

    Until a week or so ago (and "forever" before) if I received a notification of a post in a thread to which I'd subscribed, when I click on the provided link I would be taken to the exact post that was added. Now, however, when I get a notification and click on the provided link, instead of taking me to the specific post, it takes me to the very first post in the thread. Why????

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    Seems to me (MAYbe as much as a few wks. ago?) that the last forum "update" screwed up the way I'VE been using it.
    I usually don't view as "Posts", but as "Latest Activity".
    The way it used to view would be to show me the orig. post (#1), the 2nd post down would be the latest.

    NOW, (using Latest Activity) it shows me ALL posts in inverse chron. order - which means if I want to see the orig. post, I've either got to view as "Posts", OR I've got to get to the end - which on any thread over 1 page, I've got to page, AND scroll (to the bottom).

    I think the same "engine" is probably changing the way your subscribing works, too. I DID prefer it the old way.


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      Ya wonder sometimes who thought the "update" was an improvement.