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  • Rs125-8

    Has anyone measured the 2.83v sensitivity of the RS125-8? Is the spec sheet accurate at 87db?

    Also, has anyone compared the RS125-8 to the Zaph ZA14W08 or the SB12CAC for midrange use?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Dayton posted specs are usually pretty accurate, at least they've matched up well with what I've personally measured.
    It's been a while, but the RS125 was put into quite a few projects as the midrange. The RS100 also works very well as a midrange, so does the RS150.
    As a mid on a wider baffle, crossed at or just above the baffle step, you should expect the stated sensitivity. And once relieved of bass excursion duties, they render the midrange in a pleasing manner. Dealing with the cone resonance on the RS125 is very easy.
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      Typically, 8ohm driver specs should match the FR curve pretty well. (You really need to look at/sim the FR curve to determine the proper answer to your ??)

      Where things have gotten kinda goofed up (AFA Dayton's/PE's specs go) are w/ 4ohm drivers where the "1w" rating (which is only 2.0v, I believe) has gotten mixed up w/the 2.83v rating (which is really 2w - into 4 ohms).


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        Thank you both! Pete Schumacher Chris Roemer