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Baffle step compensation and baffle shape

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  • Baffle step compensation and baffle shape

    If a speaker has baffle step compensation designed for a 8.5 inch wide cabinet, does it matter how much roundover, beveling or even 'diamond cut corner' is done to the front baffle?

    I have a chance to get a pair of empty cabinets, with the exact baffle width and internal volume, that would work great for Jeff Bagby's Adelphos, or similar kit, but they have diamond cut baffles. So, even though the overall width is almost exact, do the cut corners alter the baffle step compensation?

    Click image for larger version

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    Not enough to really worry about. Go for it!!! Nice cabinets!!!
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      Originally posted by Pete Schumacher View Post
      Not enough to really worry about. Go for it!!! Nice cabinets!!!
      Ditto, those are gorgeous cabinets.

      More than likely you may end up with a couple dB dip at worst going from a square edge design to a chamfered baffle. A dip will likely be unnoticeable where a spike may be irritating. If you were using a square edge in a design meant to have a chamfer you may create a spike. Pick up those gorgeous cabs and enjoy!


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        Thanks guys!

        That is pretty much what I thought.


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          The low frequency 'step' will be very close so the overall tonality will be correct, but the high frequency ripple will be somewhat different between the flat box and diamond cut. Depends how much the ripple was compensated for in the XO design.