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Adding subwoofer to a stereo amp and speaker in/out plate amp question

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    Originally posted by a4eaudio View Post
    I am building speakers for my son and was also going to build a DIY amplifier. I was going to build two boxes...(1) a pre-amplifier with an input selector and potentiometer (also with a Sure bluetooth receiver and later a DIY phono pre-amp) with line-level outputs via RCA cables to the amplifier, and (2) a TDA7492 amplifier board in a box by itself with the RCA cables in and speakers out.

    However, I am also building a subwoofer and trying to figure out how to get the low frequencies to the SW. I was thinking of using a plate amplifier with speaker level inputs. For the Dayton Audio plate amp I see how to do this, speaker cables in and back out. But the BASH plate amp has speaker level inputs but no speaker outputs.

    So...(1) How does the BASH plate amp get the output to the speakers? (2) Is running the speakers through a plate amp my best option or is there a better way?

    (I realize a better way may be just to buy a cheap used 5.1 amp off eBay and may do that if that is the consensus.)
    Send a full range signal from the DIY pre-amp to the plate amp using the RCA inputs. Then use the RCA outputs on the plate amp to connect your DIY amp.

    I prefer a 24dB low-pass on the plate amp. You could add a high-pass filter on your DIY amp