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    Originally posted by Kornbread View Post
    Even though I've been rolling my own inductors, a 10lb role of 15awg is still $100. A lot of times I've noticed a trade-off between inductor/capacitor size when targeting a certain frequency and I'll see how far from 'ideal' the circuit can be made simply because of economics. Large copper coils can get quite expensive while bipolars and resistors are relatively cheap.

    Pros and cons of doing this?
    Changing the ratio between the L and the C will change the Q of the notch, but since the resonance is outside the passband it won't have much effect in this case. I wouldn't use a 2 mH coil on a tweeter comp circuit.

    The lowest possible F3 box alignment is not always the best alignment.

    Designing and building speaker projects are like playing with adult Lego Blocks for me.