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T/S Parameters and BassBox 6 Pro

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  • T/S Parameters and BassBox 6 Pro

    Question #1
    I have a question that I have been trying to answer for the past few days. When I am inputting T/S parameters for a DVC sub into BassBox 6 (or any other software) I am never quite sure how the QES and QTS numbers are published in the woofer spec sheets. Are T/S parameters published with the QES and QTS measured from just a single coil, or are they measured in parallel, or are they measured in series. I know the measurement of the QES or QTS should be about half the individual coil measurement when wired in parallel or series.

    Question #2
    I am measuring a DVC woofer with a Dayton DATS to derive the T/S parameters. I have the woofer coils wired in series when measured. When I put the T/S numbers into BassBox 6 do I put the electrical and electromechanical parameters into the series column?

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    1) They are measured in series, there's a note somewhere on the PE webpage. Don't know if it's on the specification PDF
    2) If you measured them series then put them in the series column


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      anyway (purty sure) when box modeling, DVC arrangements will have the same Qts values whether wired in series or parallel. If you drive only a single coil, the Q values double (or is it halve?) approximately. Double I think.


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        Thank you very much for the answers. I was going crazy trying to search such a question.