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  • 22-channel Sound Art

    My wife got tickets to the Glenstone museum in Potomac Maryland and we went today. One of the outdoor exhibits is called "FOREST (for a thousand years…)", which uses a fairly powerful 22-channel surround system to recreate the sounds of a forest over a 1000 year period, including Gregorian chants, trees falling, violent weather, marching troops and the sounds of WWII, with planes and bombs. It's very impressive audio, with realistic sound imaging all around you, and plenty of subwoofers for visceral effect. And it's all outside, in a forest It's pretty cool seeing speakers mounted way up in trees! A write-up about the Glenstone FOREST installation is in this link and this is the link to the museum's web site about the exhibit.

    Glenstone is an amazing museum if you are interested in modern art, and it's free, although you need to order tickets months in advance.
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    Very interesting. Thank you for posting this. I hope I can travel there sometime and experience it.


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      Guess I'll have to get tickets
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