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    Originally posted by ontariomaximus View Post

    Did that happen?
    Yes more than once.


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      Competitions are kind of silly.
      Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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        Originally posted by johnnyrichards View Post
        Competitions are kind of silly.
        I kind of agree, but without them, there aren't many opportunities to gather as a group in this hobby and share you work. Tom was inspired after hearing one of Ben's designs at the competition, and he wasn't a contestant at the time, just a spectator. From the sounds of it, it motivated him to try his hand at the skill. I know from personal conversations with Tom, he and I aren't participating in the competitions to place. It's more about seeing the guys and their works, picking up on little things here and there, hanging out. It just so happens, Tom turned out being pretty good at this stuff and he places almost every time he enters, lol. Stay out of his classes and you've got a chance (just kidding).
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          I find the competitions fun. If every DIY event was one it would be monotonous, but I find it fun even as just a listener. And it doesn't seem people take the competitions TOO DIY speaker competition brawls yet like in youth sports.


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            Originally posted by a4eaudio View Post
   DIY speaker competition brawls yet like in youth sports.

            THE REFS ARE BLIND!!!!


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              There's no chance I could enter the competition as I live in Melbourne and can't design my own speakers and crossovers, so please take this as a naïve suggestion. Might there be some sort of 'encouragement' award for newbies to the competition?

              Perhaps people might like to enter, but might be intimidated by the high visual and sonic quality of what I've seen in the videos and photos, but would like to go along and share their efforts?

              Silly idea?