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    Originally posted by hitsware2 View Post

    That wouldn't be important for a single full range driver system , right ?

    Depends on your perspective, As I have stated, the dipole=monopole frequency is the -10dB frequency of the 1st filter with f3 as discussed previously. So 10dB gain brings that to 0dB ref. And if you are designing an EQ circuit, you may want the dipole response boosted below that frequency and attenuated above it. The first shot at the eq circuit with be the inverse of the 1st order HP (with 10dB gain), thus having 0 dB gain at the D=M frequency. Then you can add eq to shape the low frequency cut off od the dipole and lastly, an LP filter is this is for a woofer system (obviously not needed for a full range system. But a naked driver isn't going to work got a full range due to the reoccurring nulls above the peak frequency. It will need a baffle sized and shaped appropriately so that the peak frequency occurs high enough that the driver directionality prevents the front-back interference.
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