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  • semi - OT: pdf files

    Wtfrac is up w/MS? (I HATE automatic updates - as some of you know... )

    So... in the last wk. 2 news stories: NSA (or some agcy. like that) informed MS of a security "bug" - so MS could fix it. Also, MS announced the official end of "support" for Win7.
    (My wife's NB came w/Win7, and even though I tried in vain to stop the Win8 "updates" - I could not.) AFAIK avoiding Win10 updates wasn't even an option.

    I LOVE my (10-15y.o.?) DT, running Vista (Home). It's my speaker PC, but I use it for ALMOST everything (mapping, automobile stuff, photography, spreadsheets, TAXES).
    5 yrs. ago I had to replace half-a-dozen npe caps on the motherboard (stemming from the large industrial-espionage "stolen electrolytic paste formula" affair, i THINK involving Mitsubishi?). It's been running super ever since. (The caps couldn't maintain the board's +Vcc line anymore - +5V ?).
    A few yrs. back I had to upgrade from AcrobatReader 6 to Reader 10 - to do taxes on "fillable" PDF tax forms.
    I also use it to open all my driver PDF files - esp. if I need to trace F/Z curves.

    In this last week, it's quit working. If I click on a PDF file it'll open - but after about 30sec it throws an MS err saying it stopped working.

    1st I did a system restore (going back a month - then TWO months) ! Does the same thing.
    Then I did a re-install (of 10). Same thing.

    So now I'm opening PDFs (on my DT) using a 17 y.o. vers. of Reader (that apparently MS can't or won't bother to "corrupt" on me).
    I just hate the way those guys operate (and to think I was once a shareholder).

    Anyone else have their old ReaderX "quit" on them?

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    Wait 'til they outlaw cash.


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      I open many PDFs every day, using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, no problems. I write to PDF every day using the Microsoft Print to PDF that came with my W10, no problems there either. I couldn't stand Vista even when it was new, can't imagine using it today.


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        I haven't had issues with reading PDFs, touch wood.

        Like everyone else with W7, we received the blue screen telling us to change to Windows 10: we won't as many of our programs such as MS Flight Simulator just won't work with them. Thanks, MS....

        Our PC and laptop run Windows 7 and I'm almost grateful that updates and (alleged) support have ceased. After every automatic update they have had endless crashes, BSODs and Explorer has random hissy fits where it refuses to work and freezes, making backing up very difficult.



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          I'm a bit of an IT guy, but not an 'official' IT guy, manage 5 windows PC's and a server at home, and have been close buddies with the official IT department folks at work for 20+ years. I've never had a bad experience with updates, though I'm aware there are edge cases were bad things do happen. In reality, those cases are very few and far between, a tiny fraction of a single percent of the massive numbers of Windows systems out there. The internet is a frightening place for unpatched software to be connected to, I recommend updating your systems. That includes finding alternatives to software that you may use but is no longer supported and not compliant with updated security and programming practices.

          If you have applications that don't run on anything past Windows 7 (11 years ago BTW)... consider dedicating that old computer to them and pull the plug on the internet. Nothing wrong with that approach, consider it an appliance.

          If you need the internet, get a new machine and accept some change.
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            I've never had any issues with W10, and I'm on my computer on average five hours a day, seven days a week. The only software problem I've had was not being able to find a photo editing program that works for my purposes as well as Picture It, which MS discontinued and cannot be loaded into the later versions of W10. I can get around that, though. I saved an earlier version of W10, along with Picture It, on a spare hard drive. When I need to use it I boot from that drive.


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              My poor little W7 PC didn't survive the W10 takeover. My newer PC with W10 loaded at the sweatshop is fine. I thought Wxp was perfect, but it's gone.


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                I have Windows 7 on my desktop computer which my older daughter made it look and act like XP. I never had any problems with updates for my W7 and I'm very thankful Microsoft didn't force me into W10. My wife's laptop has W10 and I HATE it.


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                  This is of course a sound/speaker/audio electronics forum, but everyone who uses it, and I would think almost everyone anyway, uses computers.

                  Of course, we can still use our Windows 7 PC and laptop and we have good anti-virus software so can keep connected to everything, but that's not the point.

                  What really peeves me is that a computer is indeed just an appliance: but how would you react if the maker of almost any other electronics-based appliance like a car, refrigerator, TV, stereo receiver etc said after a few years 'b - - - - - r you customers, we're not going to support your product any more, it will no longer work properly and you'll have to buy a new one which won't let you do what you use to do'?

                  I suspect the answers would contain a few expletives.



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                    Nobody mentioned Linux . ( works great for PDFs )
                    I use a Raspberry Pi for most things .
                    I have ran WT-3 with Wine and Linux ,
                    but don't know about DATS .