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Urggg, why do amp companies do this ???

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    Originally posted by Dukk View Post

    Why would it be less critical in a car? Resonances and reflections are much more prevalent in a car, and physical driver separation many times what is experienced in most typical home situations. Crossover settings are critical to achieve any sort of blending.

    Many home audio consumers buy based on aesthetics as well. You don't see many commercially manufactured home speakers that are raw MDF. The talk of WAF often comes up here as well. I am failing to see how aesthetics are tied to the OPs desire to have decent sound, regardless of where it is.
    TY Dukk. Exactly. And again, I'm not saying I want to just set everything by the numbers on a dial and then just forget it. Sure, I might still make adjustments up or down from those starting points. I would just like to be able to look at the amp, and before I even turn it on, be able to get it somewhere in the ball park..... Which I still kind of can, but I have to sit there thinking like, "Well, if this sub sonic filter starts at 10 hz and goes to 50, then 12 o'clock should be 30 and 'maybe' 7 or 8 should be 20...." Just had to do this last evening, and its a little bit of a PITA


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      The exact frequency you're aiming for might not be what you need. You're going to fine tune this by ear anyway, or you should, so just getting close is fine.