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Need recommendations/experience with GSG Marty Subs

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  • Need recommendations/experience with GSG Marty Subs

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with the Marty Subs from GSG Audio? I want to order two (2) of the cubes (not the MBM). I am torn between a 21 or 18 using the following drivers:
    1. Eminence NSW6021-6 21" Professional Neodymium Tour Grade Subwoofer Driver
    |Model: NSW6021-6|Part # 290-5662
    2. B&C 18TBW100 18" Professional Subwoofer 8 Ohm
    |Model: 18TBW100|Part # 294-6007

    Where I am torn is price vs. performance. Is it worth doubling the driver cost for the 21" driver? The output doesn't seem significantly higher except that the Eminence has way more Xmax which could be beneficial in tuning the low frequency shelving EQ.

    I am coming from a single Klipsch 15" subwoofer that was a total piece of garbage. I know I want two subs for my room and want to build them bigger for when I move into a bigger house and have a dedicated theater room. Now with that said, that doesn't immediately mean 21" subs. I just want to make the most practical and beneficial decision. Any help is much appreciated. I did do some reading on another forum about these subs, but couldn't find enough information regarding them. I was hoping my friendly and helpful peers here could help.

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