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Sealed ultimax 12 tuning

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  • Sealed ultimax 12 tuning

    I have finished my inwall subwoofer build (see previous posts for the WHY?). I ended up with about 5 cubic feet of internal space after bracing things and creating a mounting bracket for the sub. I ended up getting a Dayton 500 watt DSP plate amp to power the sub (Dayton ultimax 12). At the recommendations of others I am going to keep it sealed and try and tune it with the DSP function. However, I no longer have a PC some I don't have a way to do in room measurements. Would anyone be willing to suggest a starting EQ for the system?



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    EQ will be different in every room, and it will also vary around the room, so without measuring in your room at your primary listening position it's a shot in the dark. I believe there are iphone/android measurement apps, but I've never tried one.


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      That seems reasonable. I will look into the options.


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        Dayton iMM6

        Absolute cheapest way to start using measurements. The AudioTools app on your phone will get you a decent RTA. It will be difficult to tune narrow dips / peaks, but you can get the general idea. Typically those are from room mode cancellations and can't be EQ'd out anyway.
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