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Review: Bohlender Graebener Neo10 Planar Transducer

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  • Review: Bohlender Graebener Neo10 Planar Transducer

    Bohlender Graebener Neo10 Planar Transducer is up.

    Klif's notes: Very non-linear frequency response. Odd things in the unit-to-unit consistency with regards to the distortion. I know people have used them and liked them in a wider bandwidth and the spec even mentions 150-6khz ... I don't see it. Based on the vertical dispersion profile and the distortion on the low end, I'd band-limit it from 300-2khz (give or take). Maybe there's a legit use for them "wider" than that which I'm just not aware of like line arrays (as the marketing indicates).

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    This is a great driver from 300-2k, and sounded great in dlneubec's "Echelons".
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      Makes sense. 300-2khz is right in line with what I suggested based on measurements.


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        Not sure if they are somehow different now, but this is one the best midrange drivers I've used, imo. My measurements don't look as bad as yours and the pair I had were consistent in measurements. Here is what I got measured in box in the Echelons. Based on how I named the file, I would guess these were measured from about 27" from the baffle, 6ms gated window at 0-15-30-45 and 60º off axis horizontally, with the driver recessed 3/4" (see photos). I've also included it in the XO sim, where you can see the results are very reasonable. I don't recall it being hard to work with either. Of course, I got mine used from Dennis Murphy for about $200/pair, so a lot different than what they are currently going for.
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