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Review: Bohlender Graebener Neo10 Planar Transducer

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  • Review: Bohlender Graebener Neo10 Planar Transducer

    Bohlender Graebener Neo10 Planar Transducer is up.

    Klif's notes: Very non-linear frequency response. Odd things in the unit-to-unit consistency with regards to the distortion. I know people have used them and liked them in a wider bandwidth and the spec even mentions 150-6khz ... I don't see it. Based on the vertical dispersion profile and the distortion on the low end, I'd band-limit it from 300-2khz (give or take). Maybe there's a legit use for them "wider" than that which I'm just not aware of like line arrays (as the marketing indicates).

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    This is a great driver from 300-2k, and sounded great in dlneubec's "Echelons".
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      Makes sense. 300-2khz is right in line with what I suggested based on measurements.


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        Not sure if they are somehow different now, but this is one the best midrange drivers I've used, imo. My measurements don't look as bad as yours and the pair I had were consistent in measurements. Here is what I got measured in box in the Echelons. Based on how I named the file, I would guess these were measured from about 27" from the baffle, 6ms gated window at 0-15-30-45 and 60º off axis horizontally, with the driver recessed 3/4" (see photos). I've also included it in the XO sim, where you can see the results are very reasonable. I don't recall it being hard to work with either. Of course, I got mine used from Dennis Murphy for about $200/pair, so a lot different than what they are currently going for.
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          Hey, we must remember that this test dates back to 2013! Since then B&G went out of business. Now there is some reproduction with worse QC obviously. Alas some old stock is still availabe, also of Neo3 and Neo8.

          I have two pairs of Neo8 and Neo3 PDR, and yes there seems to be inconsistcy of spl and distortion. In Europe some vendors sold matched pairs, but mine came from eBay sellers.