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Active wall-speaker with 40 drivers and 32mm depth

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    Originally posted by prxprx View Post
    For the price they probably indeed have some kind of DSP and amplification per driver or at least per 'circle'.
    I had said "sphere" but I meant "spherical", or more precisely, a "spherical cap". That's how Keele describes the original research on CBT drivers--the math applied to the cap. The CBT line array is a simplification of the spherical cap. But again, it's just a guess what they are doing with this speaker.

    FWIW, I've been working on a new version of that 22-channel amp board with DSP on each channel. But it's going slowly. But with a board like that you could implement either a line array with electronic curvature or else a large spherical cap. Oddly enough, the electronics aren't particularly expensive, since small amps are cheap. But there is a lot of software, a lot of construction and a lot of tedious wiring, so it ends up being a very time consuming project.
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      Originally posted by scholl View Post
      3 circles and a cross, must mean something. Maybe they figured out Stonehenge. Nothing could go wrong here.
      Or they found the Oak Island money pit.

      But for the purpose of the system (creating a big sound without showing) ...
      I'm not their largest fan, but if you want 'big sound without showing' (not necessarily loud) have you considered a dml panel?


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        Originally posted by jhollander View Post
        Assuming we are talking about multiple vertical and horizontal drivers, with a small ish Bessel array a single tweeter could be beneficial in filling in the higher frequency dip due to the narrowing directivity of the larger drivers.
        True, but a better solution is to make the array vertical only, so there is no narrowing of the beam width beyond that which occurs with a single driver. I can see an array of the sort in the picture being used where tight pattern control on both the horizontal and vertical is desired. I can't see wanting that in a typical home.


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          I wonder how many they've sold.


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            Being naturally cynical, if you can't find detailed data I'd assume the worst: they stuck a bunch of little drivers on a panel, wired in series-parallel. I think they would brag about it if they devoted lots of engineering.