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Filter help forTechtonic Elements 3.5" in single driver speaker, please.

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    For notch filters, you can make the cap 10% bigger, and coil 10% smaller, and it should do about the same thing. (Or bigger coil, and smaller cap.)The other option is to parallel two caps to get the value needed. They simply add. Keep in mind that caps sometimes have 20% tolerances. If you have a coil that needs to be smaller, you can unwind a few turns.


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      I'm using Xsim for my x-o work
      John H

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        Yup. John's showing you a more exact substitution for what rpb suggests.
        Using more common values, a 22uF cap matches pretty well w/a 0.50mH coil (and a slightly smaller resistor - but keeping the 25n is NOT far enough off to worry about ).

        If I were you though (and it SEEMs like you're using npe caps), just parallel a 22uF w/a 4.7uF (and keep the orig. coil & resistor). Easy, and cheap !