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Back mount speaker (recessed) and baffle diffraction

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  • Back mount speaker (recessed) and baffle diffraction


    I have a Faital 6Fe100 speaker which has an hexagonal shape, so it is a little more difficult to mount it flush on the baffle.

    Right now, I have a CNC baffle so the mount its perfect (I bought the speakers like that), but I will be making new speakers with this drivers and although I know some ways I would route an hexagonal shape to mount the driver, it may be a little easier to rear mount them, and just make an standard circle on the baffle and make some roundovers or bevels on that cut to avoid the problems of rear mounting a speaker in a 15mm plywood (baffle diffraction??) .

    Would a 45º straight bevel be enough? Any other recomendation?

    Please dont recommend to make a circle on the front on the baffle and flush mount it, as I could not live with the missing material of an hexagon mounted in a circle.

    Thanks in advance!

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    A healthy roundover should help. Assuming you move it back, I guess you'll adjust the crossover for proper phase alignment with the tweeter?


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      A redo of the crossover is more important than the worry of any diffraction. At the frequencies in which diffraction would be a concern, you will already have crossed to the tweeter.


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        Thanks for your replies! I will not use the same XO, as I will move to an active one.