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Question about phase response HOLMImpluse

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  • Question about phase response HOLMImpluse

    Been pulling out projects from the last few years; retesting and tweaking -- them if possible.
    Having success flatting and finding the null with reversing the tweeter but there is a recurring response with three (3) different 2-way projects.
    Honesty not sure there is a problem but the tweeter phase line is typically below the phase line as shown. This does not change even if the woofer is disconnected. I am using minidsp now, but settings did change the graph.

    Any thought on this?
    Perhaps shape/size of the box?
    Perhaps the equipment, e.g. I don't remember downloading a calibration file for the UMIK-1

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    I use HOLM a lot, and I look at the phase from time to time. I'm not sure, but I believe that the phase simply mimics response changes. If you reverse the speaker polarity, the phase will possibly look more like what you are expecting to see. Also, make sure that the graph is zoomed out enough to show the 180 degree marks.

    The phase takes care of itself. It's an indication of how you made the x-over. I think that sometimes, it is interesting, but I don't consider it important.

    Lets say that you make 2 x-overs for a speaker. On one, you delay the tweeter about an inch, and on the other, you don't. Without the delay, you might have to increase the order of the tweeter filter. When both xo are done, the phase may look quite a bit different.

    Not sure if I answered your question.