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Back again after a long leave of absence

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  • Back again after a long leave of absence

    Hi, all friends. Haven't been active on here for some time now, like 5 or 6 years. Was very regular on the Tech Talk forum from the turn of the millennium up until maybe 2013 or 2014. Some time ago I ceased all DIY speaker building hobby activity, and abandoned my many unfinished projects for several years, due to much busyness, unexpected life events, and deep family hardship.

    In 2016, my youngest daughter of 4 children was tragically killed in an accident, leaving this earth at the young age of 20. Obviously, this turned our whole world upside down. My wife and I were utterly devastated. You spend 30 + years of your life with someone, raise 4 children together, and the last thing you expect is to one day have to walk one to the grave. We still grieve, but my wife and I are trying to occupy our time with interests, in attempt to, "move on," as people often say, which I never think you really ever do.

    Anyway, my wife of 35 years and I, now "empty nesters," with all the kids grown, married and out of the house, recently celebrated at home, (if you can actually call it a celebration) our, "CORONAVERSARY." She has been networking online with other grieving mothers of children who have also passed. It was suggested by many that I do the same, or something similar to occupy my mind. The most natural inclination i have is to dip my toe into the waters of resuming DIY. I am trying to revisit what i once did so enthusiastically, in hopes of finding inner peace and satisfaction in productivity in a hobby i once loved so dearly, and enjoyed so much. Now that I'm working from home in this pandemic, and have more time.

    In the past, many here may recall, over about a 20 + year span, i have built more than 40 pairs of speakers, about a dozen subwoofers, etc. I have about 13 unfinished projects rotting away in my basement that I wiped all the dust off of. And I'm also contemplating a new, entirely different project that I'll share here soon. More details will follow in a post regarding a project i would like to pursue.

    A big shout out to all of my friends I haven't talked with in years: Paul K, Pete Schumacher, Terry Olsen, John Stockman, Ben "Wolf," and others. So sorry if I didn't mention names of others, as there are many of you. None of my many friends here are forgotten. I trust all is well in your lives, and you are all doing well, and prosperous.

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    Welcome back. I'm very sorry for your loss.
    Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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      Thanks, Johnny. And warmest regards. Glad to see you here again, as well as a few others I also recognized, and remember. Hope all is well.


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        Paul, Pete, and Mr. Wolf are still here; John not (a "regular") for maybe 5 yrs now?
        Having been here about 20 yrs, gotta say that "Terry" does not ring a bell (I DO remember nepaeric though).

        Check out all the Dayton drivers (prob. over 100 woofers, and maybe 100+ tweeters inc. domes, planars, and AMTs).
        Also note FREE shipping (now over $49 or so!) and a flat $7? for everything less.
        Have (more) fun.


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          Hi Dude - I don't remember talking to you directly, but I remember your name.
          Lots and lots of things have changed - the sims and apps have gotten a lot better,
          there are many, many better drivers now available for reasonable prices.
          People in our community are about the same, mostly "salt of the earth" guys.
          We just lost Jeff Bagby, but I think most everyone else is still active.

          Condolences on your personal tragedy.
          We don't know why these things happen, but our life then becomes about
          how to honor our love for the departed one and their presence as we try
          to make a new life.

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            Welcome back into the fold. Very sorry about the loss of your daughter. While I and my wife haven't had to deal with such a loss, designing and building speakers is a really good way for me to get away from everything that's disturbing or troublesome for a few hours at a time, and I hope you will experience the same enjoyment and comfort.


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              Hey, welcome back! I recall seeing your name back then, nice to have a former expert back in the club.

              Can I offer some advice regarding all the unfinished projects? I don't know what your temperament is, but as someone with maybe half that amount of unfinished speaker pairs, I would say don't let them bother you. I get uptight that I have projects that "have to be finished" but in thinking that they are a project that 'needs completing,' I'm forgetting all the fun that I had dreaming them up, designing them, and getting as far as I have with each of them. It's about the journey just as much as the destination with this hobby as you know probably much better than me.

              Personally, I had to prohibit myself from purchasing any new drivers (for the most part) until I get my existing projects completed, but I still look forward to looking forward to finishing them at some point and I'm currently finding small radio-type projects to be a load of fun.

              Glad the bug has 'bitten' you again and I hope you get back the joy that you had while dreaming up speaker projects and seeing them come to fruition... creating amazing sounding music.

              So sorry for you loss, Eileen (wife) and I will be praying for you guys.

              I look forward to seeing what new projects you have coming up, as well as some of those old 'dusty' projects the basement has temporarily claimed.

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                Hello sir! Never met you before as I joined the forum in 2015, but glad to see a seasoned member come back. Sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine how awful that must feel, and I hope I never have to experience it myself (newborn son is now 12 weeks old).

                Hope you find some engagement in the hobby once more. I know my brain always feels better with a challenge to occupy it!
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                  Welcome back, and I'm sorry for your loss.

                  Yeah, as Chris said, I'm still here.

                  I went through e-mail addys recently, and wondered what happened to you.

                  Good to have you,
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