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A high quality 4 or 5 inch driver for a 4.5L 2 way would be?

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    Drjay, will you be posting the details and pics?


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        It is said that without pictures it didn't happen, so here is proof that it did. While I like them a lot, I am sure that many many folks on this forum could come up with a much better crossover, so I think it is best for me not to post what I did. It is a strait forward third order electrical on both the woofer and tweeter with a crossover point of 2400 Hz. I have been unable to get rid of the 4 db hump between 1800 and 2500 Hz without making other things a lot worse and I am happy with them as they are now, for now. As you can see, the tops are taped in place so that when my crossover skills improve I will revisit them. I think the take home message on this build is that these are VERY nice drivers and for a more skilled builder would come together as a truly impressive mini-monitor.

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          Add a 1 ohm resistor to the shunt in the woofer xover. This should bring that down.
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            This looks good.

            I got 2x 12CAC in about 20liters, so about 4x the volume for 2x the drivers...