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KAB-250v3 Power Off "Pop" (and other tweaks)

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  • KAB-250v3 Power Off "Pop" (and other tweaks)

    I'm trying to setup a 2.1 with the Dayton DSPB-100 and KAB-250v3 and when powering them off with the panel mount switch (or just unplugging the power supply, too), they pop the speakers quite loudly.

    Is this just due to them being cheap (or faulty) or is there anything I might do to combat this?

    Also, has anyone connected external pots to utilize the 4 that are on the DSPB-100 board?
    They're very handy to program in SigmaStudio and provide for on-the-fly adjustments, especially the master volume since bridging the boards eliminates the connection for the 6-pin panel mount volume pot.

    So, it's quite pointless to have them inaccessible once mounted.
    Any suggestions on what pots might replace them that I could place on the panel mount?


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    Just wanted to comment that I don't think yours is faulty since my KAB230 also pops when powered off (or unplugged). Usually I'm not bothered by it with bookshelves or anything that doesn't reach very low, but when it's powering a subwoofer the deep pop is more noticeable. For whatever it's worth, my KAB is using the included bridging pins that keep it at max volume (I'm using it for recieving bluetooth without the volume knob attached) so I don't know if the volume knob affects the level of that pop.

    I remember one of the user reviews for the KAB at PartsExpress mentioned a handful of mods that sounded simple yet effective, but I don't remember if they gave a link or not.
    My first 2way build


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      Thanks LOUT
      Guess I'll see what I can do to tweak it to eliminate that pop.


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        With some chip amps, the POP is reduced/eliminated when the volume is turned down. Is that the case with your setup?