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Crown XLS 2502 DriveCore 2 (SUB AMP?)

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  • Crown XLS 2502 DriveCore 2 (SUB AMP?)

    Hello everyone, can this amp be used as a sub amp?

    Crown XLS 2502 DriveCore 2 Power Amplifier 2 x 775W at 4 Ohms

    Are there better options? Amp will be receiving full signal so need something with DSP to remove 100hz and above.

    thank you

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    The Crown XLS DSP is fairly crude. Assuming you don't have other bass management available, you would probably be better off with a Behringer NXd, maybe the NX6000d. It has much more powerful DSP, but has a noisy fan; this can be modded.

    Otherwise, think about adding DSP upstream - a MiniDSP HD, Behringer DCX2496, other options - at which point the Crown's internal crossover doesn't matter.


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      The Crown does have an internal limiter (only defeatable on the first gen Drivecore), as well as many xover frequencies already. It also has switchable input voltage sensitivity for such a purpose as you describe. The fans are silent. If you want the variable phase, you can get a Radial Phaser if running balanced, as well as other DSP functions from another unit. I would recommend running balanced, as it is a hotter signal that will yield more clean power output.

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        In my opinion, the Crown is a much better amp. You can always add dsp.


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          I switched from Bryston to CROWN XLS 2502 and XLS 1502 on all channels. Really happy. I keep one Bryston 4B idle on the side for reference in case I have any doubts
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