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Low cost centers: mk442 vs c-notes

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  • Low cost centers: mk442 vs c-notes

    i Bought a mk442 a while back and it’s been decent. But I’m bored and thinking about the C-Note center, which both fits my budget and makes my lack of a table saw moot.

    Is the C-note center a worthwhile upgrade for $100?

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    I can't speak to any differences in sound quality (though I'd kind of expect the Cnote to have nicer mids), but the Cnote center looks to be a solid 5db more efficient watt-per-watt while also having more headroom, so it should easily get noticeably louder than the MK442.
    I'm pretty sure the Cnote center also plays down to about 45hz compared to the MK442's 55-60hz bottom, though I'm doubting this matters much for a center that'll be crossed to a subwoofer around 65hz anyway.
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      C-notes are about 1db higher sensitivity.
      C-notes use more expensive woofers.
      C-notes use more expensive tweeters.
      C-notes dig lower
      C-notes use dual 5" on C-notes vs dual 4" on mk
      MK is nicely finished product
      C notes ($100 + extra time for assembly and finish) vs MK $50 (nicely finished product)

      All that is nice on paper but it depends on the design's implementation, which I have no doubts, C notes excels in given the rave reviews it gets.

      MK has been reviewed a few times and its considered to have a rather HOT treble region.

      That's all I could think of!

      I haven't heard either designs!