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    Howdy guys, I am a 60 year old retired noob with lots of questions that I would like too ask, But I will start a new thread for each question.
    First thing I would like to know does anyone know which country the Dynavox headquarters is located in..?
    I've had two different people tell me two different places, one said Taiwan and the other said Denmark., Denmark sounds most likely.

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    They are engineered in France, and manufacturer in eastern Asia. This I am certain of. They are not made or designed in Denmark.

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      I know you didn’t ask, but their woofers are very nice sounding!


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        Okay I just found out that their headquarters are here in the USA and they are advertising what look like really nice speakers for really low prices.
        Take these for instance: Price is $56.00
        15" 80 oz 8 ohm Polymer Treated Cone Foam Surround Woofer, 600 W, 3" VC - Made in USA

        Features: 15" 80 oz 8 ohm treated polymer cone with foam surround suspension, 600 watts, 3" Voice Coil woofer.
        • Polymer Molded Cone and Foam Surround
        • 3" Aluminum Multi-Layer Voice Coil
        • Vented 80 oz Barium Ferrite Magnet

        Power capacity: 300W/600W RMS/peak
        Frequency response: 30 ~ 2,500 Hz
        Nominal impedance: 8 Ω
        Voice coil diameter: 3"
        Magnet weight: 80 oz.
        Sensitivity: 95 dB W/M
        Fs: 26 Hz
        Re: 6.0 Ω
        Qms: 2.31
        Qes: 0.49
        Qts: 0.41
        Vas: 564 L
        Mms: 69.8 g
        BL: 11.63
        Xmax: 3.5 mm

        They also list a 6 inch dome midrange with 3 inch voice coil for $11.00 that I have seen available at Simply Speakers for $99.00.
        Apparently they have either two websites or the other is a sister site, but they both sell the same speakers, one is and the other
        Their physical addresses put them on the same street about a block apart.


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            Don't confuse Dynavox with Dynaudio. Dynavox has Research, Development and Manufacturing in City of Industry, California, Taipei, Taiwan and Shanghai, China.


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              Hey RedK9,

              There appear to be 2 separate Dynavox companies, or something like that. The one you found, I also found by searching Dynavox USA, has some real inexpensive stuff.
              I think the one most here are familiar with is this one, on PE's site:

              Not quite sure what's going on, but the Dynavox on this site has some real good drivers. That other site, I'm not sure.